Garth Wilshere’s Reviews will cover all forms of music: classical, jazz, popular, opera; theatre, film, CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays and more… plus on occasion wine, food, restaurants and events covering some of his other loves such as Art Deco and 20th/21st Century Design.

Garth has always liked reviewing and thinking about what he had heard, seen and eaten and analysed these experiences and performances from an early age, and at school, even if only for interest and enjoyment.

He has reviewed professionally for nearly twenty years, as editor and reviewer for New Zealand Opera News and as music reviewer for Capital Times in Wellington where his reviews of music and opera performances appeared weekly until the paper ceased publication in April 2013.

Additionally he has reviewed for The Evening Post, broadcast reviews on Radio New Zealand Concert and Access Radio and reviewed internationally for Opera Opera (Australia). He has participated in panel discussions on the future of opera in New Zealand.

When Capital Times ceased publication many people told him that they missed reading his regular review contributions and asked him where his reviews would now appear, so after much thought and work he decided to set up a review website so that there was access to his reviews on the internet.

So now after a lot of thought, advice, care, deliberation and attention to detail Garth’s Reviews is live.

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